The following steps illustrate how we work together with our clients in developing and executing Customized Programs.

Needs assessment & program design

First, we assess our client’s specific needs and strategic priorities. Jointly, we develop program goals which are in line with the client’s overall strategy. Depending on the program contents, we choose a Faculty Director and assign faculty who will teach in the program. Program design starts with drafting an initial program outline. Together with our client and the Faculty Director, we then fine-tune the curriculum and finalize program guidelines and contents.

Program delivery & management

Beyond our aim to design and deliver excellent programs tailored to your unique needs, we are committed to deliver high-quality service level to both clients and their employees taking part in the programs.

Evaluation & follow up

Quality and impact are of utmost importance for us. Therefore, we pursue a comprehensive evaluation during and after the program and offer a debriefing meeting with the Faculty Directors and other faculty involved in the program.

Customized Programs

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Dr. Heike Brost-Steffens
Director Customized Programs
Phone: +49 261 6509 870

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