Our custom made programs are as heterogeneous as our clients: We train your employees in very broad general management matters as well as in very specific and rather focused topics as, for example, negotiations, marketing and sales, leadership or strategy.

Your employees will be taught by our own renowned faculty members and adjunct faculty members. Each of them is not only a specialist in their respective field of research, but also has broad experience with Executive teaching.

  • Examples for past engagements: A five-day program for a large international retailer, focusing on topics such as Retailing, Personal Selling, Marketing. Participants were mainly high potentials.
  • A two modules (seven days each) general management program for a large international automotive manufacturer, focusing on a broad variety of general management topics as Leadership, Strategy and Innovation. Participants were Managers with 8-15 years of working experience.
  • A 10 Modules (two days each) program, for a multinational conglomerate corporation, focusing on key topics as Selling, Economics, Communication, Innovation and Leadership. Participants were mostly Key Account Managers with 3-10 years of experience.

Our Customized Programs can range from 4 to 21 days of training for each participant. Most of the time groups are between 10 and 30 participants to ensure a highly interactive learning environment for each individual participant. Customized Programs may be held in German or English.

All programs offered in our Open Enrollment portfolio can also be tailored to your company's specific situation.

Our range of clients and participants

Diversity is at the core of WHU’s Customized Programs. We have designed and delivered programs for clients with highly heterogeneous backgrounds – in terms of industry, size, and management level of participants as well as their international composition. Usually, participants range from high-potentials to mid-level managers to top-level executives.

Customized Programs

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Director Customized Programs
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