The World Economy

This course examines crucial aspects of international economics that are relevant for enterprises involved in international business. The global business environment comprises trade, international investment, and foreign exchange operations. The topics covered in this course explore how economic linkages between countries affect the optimal decision of enterprises and also domestic economic developments. As a special feature, the course also discusses the European integration process, focusing on trade integration and the monetary unification process.

The following subjects will be our main guide:

  • Globalization, International Trade, and Trade Structure
  • Trade Policy: Does it Make Sense?
  • Regional Economic Integration and the European Economy
  • Foreign Direct Investment: Rationale and Policies
  • The Foreign Exchange Market
  • International Monetary Systems and Monetary Integration in Europe
  • Understand the main drivers behind globalization of markets and players
  • Find reasons for and the positive and negative effects of international trade
  • Elaborate the role of international institutions in trade conflicts
  • Describe different forms of regional economic integration
  • Apply the considerations of regional economic integration to the EU, NAFTA and Mercosur
  • Learn about the different forms, circumstances, types of decisions, cost benefit analyses, and restrictions of foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • Understand the rationale of the Single European Market
  • Understand the characteristics, implications and different forms of the foreign exchange (forex) market
  • Learn about the costs and benefits of a monetary union
  • Understand the origin of the euro crisis
  • Differentiate crisis prevention and crisis management

Yvonne Krack

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