Price Management

This course integrates two major marketing instruments: Importance of Brands and Importance of Pricing. Starting with Importance of Brands, the focus will be that branding is fundamental for business success. Not only should it embrace the very essence of a company, but strong branding will also ensure that a product/company stands out in a competitive environment.

The second, Importance of Price, indicates that Pricing is the (only) one of McCarthy’s 4Ps that generates turnover. And the price is the strongest profit driver! It has direct impact on profit, direct impact on sales volume, and indirect influence on fixed costs.

This course will provide you with discipline, specific knowledge, and competence, through managerial and entrepreneurial practices, boosting you critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Real life examples are both embedded in the lectures and related and illustrated by guest speaker(s).

  • Gain advanced knowledge of price management
  • Learn theories and managing practices through current examples
  • Understand the challenges of (luxury) price management 

Yvonne Krack

Marketing Manager Executive Education



2018-07-21 / 2018-07-22
2018-07-28 / 2018-07-28
Place Düsseldorf
Language English
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