Economics of Corporate & Competitive Strategy

It is the prime function of the General Manager to determine where, when, and how to best utilize the business organization’s assets and resources. The aim is to improve the executive manager’s ability to make sound and well‐timed decisions by applying concepts and tools of microeconomics, game theory, and strategic management theory.

In essence, you will be introduced to industry and competitor analysis in order to develop strategic judgment about the effects of firms’ competitive strategies and tactics as well as changes in the market environment (e.g. emergence of a new, disruptive technology). 

  • Understand how enterprises can create value and position themselves within the arena of markets
  • Analyze where and when to compete, in particular how to distinguish attractive from unattractive markets
  • Examine how changes in economic or industry conditions affect business strategy and how to reduce uncertainty by anticipating the future evolution of the external environment
  • Decide how to compete strategically by making strategic commitments

Yvonne Krack

Marketing Manager Executive Education



2019-03-24 / 2019-03-24
2019-04-13 / 2019-04-14
Place Düsseldorf
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