Innovation Management

Innovations are a prerequisite for achieving a competitive advantage and profitable growth in many industries. The successful management of innovations requires new management techniques. This course is designed to give an overview of fundamental aspects of innovation management as part of a general management program at master’s level. It covers strategic, organizational, and procedural aspects of managing product, process, and business model innovation across different industrial and competitive environments.

In detail, the course will cover the following main aspects of innovation management: The importance of innovation for sustainable competitive advantage, multiple dimensions of innovation such as product, process, and business-model innovation, disruptive change and corporate renewal, barriers to change and how to overcome them, creating a corporate mindset (culture) for innovation, champions of innovation, leadership and innovation, market orientation, customer integration, co-creation, cross-functional integration, innovation process management, portfolio management, innovation assessment and metrics, and multiple other key drivers of innovation success.

In addition, this course will address relevant emerging themes in innovation management such as open innovation, reverse innovation, and innovation in emerging markets.

  • Understand the most critical aspects of innovation management at a sufficient level of depth
  • Learn about the implications of innovating (or not) for all major industries including services
  • Apply multiple innovation management tools and concepts in practice

Yvonne Krack

Marketing Manager Executive Education



2018-05-13 / 2018-05-13
2018-05-26 / 2018-05-27
Place Düsseldorf
Language English
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