Operations Management

This course provides an introduction to Production and Service Operations Management. Overall, we adopt a process view.

The first part of the course highlights the importance of keeping manufacturing jobs in Europe and constantly raising the company’s productivity. The second part of the course focuses on process execution and improvement. The third part of the courses discusses process planning and optimization. In the final part of the course, we focus on management quality for industrial excellence.

(Please note that a laptop (PC or Mac with online access) is needed for the third day of the course.)

  • Understand the main goals of Production and Service Operations Management
  • Learn how to effectively analyze, manage, and improve the processes within manufacturing or service companies
  • Analyze the essentiality of manufacturing in Europe
  • Examine the possibilities of process optimization
  • Understand how the quality of a company’s management influences industrial excellence

Yvonne Krack

Marketing Manager Executive Education



2019-05-04 / 2019-05-05
2019-05-18 / 2019-05-18
Place Düsseldorf
Language English
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