Organizational Behavior

People are an organization’s most important asset. The knowledge, skills, talents, and experiences that people bring with them are the key factors that give organizations a competitive advantage. People formulate the strategies and discover the technologies that drive businesses, and people are ultimately responsible for companies’ success.

This course examines management from the perspective of people. We will learn about theories, research, and practices that will help us to better understand how and why people work. We will discuss people-related topics such as personality, diversity, biases, emotions, motivation, values, culture, and change.

Most of the learning will occur via discussion while we are in the classroom together, by engaging in discussions and group work, and showing both sensitive psychological thinking and creative management thinking.

Please bring a laptop or tablet to class for some of the exercises.

Through a mixture of conceptual input and experiential application, you will develop an understanding of organizational behavior that will help you manage people in your future career. 

  • Develop a critical understanding of the key issues and concepts in organizational behavior
  • Analyze patterns and bottlenecks by reflecting on your own experience
  • Extrapolate and develop better people skills
  • Hone capabilities for leadership roles that require management of relationships, teams, and organizations

Yvonne Krack

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