Strategy Essentials

Our “Strategy Essentials” Programs equip you with a thorough understanding of strategy making and strategy implementation within organizations. The “Strategy Essentials” Programs are designed as a highly compact learning experience to give your strategizing competencies an immediate boost!

Who benefits most from our “Strategy Essentials” Programs?

They are in particular useful for participants… 

…with a non-business background who are stepping into a general management position 

…who aim at enhancing their knowledge of corporate strategy, strategic objectives, strategy implementation.

…who aim at learning hands-on framework and tools in the area of strategy, which can be directly transferred into their workplace.

…who seek a highly interactive learning experience with many examples from practice, and interaction in a group of peers.

Which of the “Strategy Essentials” Programs is right for you?

You can chose to attend either one of the “Strategy Essentials” Programs, or both at a discounted fee – to make the learning experience best fit your needs.

„Strategy Essentials Part 1: Strategy Formulation“
  • Why is having a strategy important, and how do you derive a strategy?
  • Who are corporate stakeholders, and what is their interrelation?
  • What are the different levels of strategy formulation?
  • How are strategy and a business model connected?
  • How can you come up with new business models, e.g. using the business model canvas?
„Strategy Essentials Part 2: Strategy Execution“
  • How are strategies communicated within an organization?
  • How does strategy implementation work, and what kind of KPI’s may play a role?
  • How do strategy implementation and corporate culture interrelate?
  • How are processes a core element of strategy implementation, and how do you manage processes?

Yvonne Krack

Marketing Manager Executive Education


Special offer

Book the “Strategy Essentials Part 1: Strategy Formulation” Program and the “Strategy Essentials Part 2: Strategy Execution” Program together and benefit from the reduced fee of €4,995 for both programs.

WHU’s Strategy Formulation Program is a fast-paced program providing you with the skills and tools to build and formulate a strong business strategy.

2018-12-03 / 2018-12-05
Place Düsseldorf
Language English
Price 2.950 €

This program is about mastering crucial strategy execution skills and knowing the secrets to successful strategy execution.

2019-03-25 / 2019-03-27
Place Düsseldorf
Language English
Price 2.950 €