Special offer for HRD professionalsSpecial offer for HRD professionals
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WHU Executive Education offers impactful development opportunities for middle management talents, experienced decision-makers, and senior leaders. All our executive development programs combine hands-on knowledge and tools, thought-provoking insights, and exceptional networking opportunities.

Organizations are made of people. People create strategies, innovation, and competitive advantage. Therefore, human resources development plays a vital role in growing and advancing a corporation. Enabling talent, leaders, and decision-makers to boost their skills, competencies, and knowledge is a critical function as it directly affects the competitive advantage of each organization.

We at WHU Executive Education understand the importance of human resource development, but also the challenges of human resources development managers. Therefore, we have created special offers – exclusively for HRD professionals and leaders.

Discover the different ways we support HRD managers

1. Schedule a personalized in-class visit

If you are interested in the quality, teaching methodology, and scope of our open programs portfolio, we are happy to organize a personalized in-class visit for you. Based on your specific context and requirements, we will recommend and personalize a half-day in-class visit of one of our open programs for you. Learn more about the special deals we have created for employee groups and discuss how we can customize an offer for you.

2. Schedule a personalized campus tour & coffee chat on our Düsseldorf campus

HR development professionals and leaders are welcome to visit our campus and learn about how WHU Executive Education can support you over a coffee chat with one of our program experts. We will give you an overview of our open development programs, but also discuss possibilities to customize a learning experience for your organization. Visit About WHU to learn more about our university.

3. Schedule a consultative call or meeting with one of our program experts

If you are about to start initiating a development program within your organization: Our program experts are happy to support you in your initial thought process. With more than 1,200 participants per year and more than 10 years of experience in design and delivery of development programs, we can help you structure and substantiate your idea – may it be contents, design approach, or the creation of an “out-of-the-box” learning intervention. Find out more about our personalized approach for Customized Programs.

Are you interested?

This is how it works: If you are an HR development professional and interested in one of our exclusive offerings, please choose your favorite option below. We will ask for your contact details, so our program experts can schedule a call/meeting with you.

Personalized in-class visit

Personalized in-class visit

Personalized consultation for a specific project

Special offer for groups

Teamwork is often more efficient than entrusting tasks of large projects to single managers. We believe in team effort and in a joint learning experience. Therefore, we offer special conditions for companies who would like multiple employees to participate in one of our Open Programs. Contact us via openprograms@whu.edu if you would like to book one of our programs for multiple employees.

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