10 years of social entrepreneurship, 7 years of successful partnership with over 46,000 purpose-driven responsible leaders: BOOKBRIDGE and WHU enable participants to start their own social enterprise

Hands-on, practice orientated knowledge is always important in management education, but crucial for starting one’s own company: The General Management Plus Program of WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management offers participants the opportunity to co-create social enterprises in emerging markets like Sri Lanka, Cambodia or Mongolia. Since 2013, WHU has been cooperating with the social enterprise BOOKBRIDGE giving its executive education to participants. "Over the years, we have developed more than 600 leaders in GMP+ each of whom has impacted 77 colleagues on average. This means that we have already turned over 46,000 people into purpose-driven responsible leaders worldwide," says BOOKBRIDGE co-founder and WHU alumnus Carsten Rübsaamen and smiles. "We are thus changing entire organizations towards more innovation and value-based leadership.”

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Experience Carsten Rübsaamen's remarkable personality in an interaktive online session

Especially in emerging markets thinking outside the box is key to success. With his many years of experience in developing sustainable businesses in emerging markets, Carsten Rübsaamen is hosting a free online seminar “How to Navigate with Uncertainty” with Ramona Bischoff, Managing Partner of HumanSpirit GmbH. Learn how to put yourself into the shoes of your customers and how to apply digital facilitation tools to transform your business. This one-hour, highly interactive format is targeted at managers and executives in all types of industries who are interested in an online exchange with peers and experts.

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