This interactive negotiation workshop is targeted at senior procurement professionals who strive to learn and apply innovative negotiation techniques firmly rooted in latest B2B negotiation research and practice. Refining today’s negotiation approaches by having buyers take classical negotiation courses is not sufficient. Leading CPOs need to guide their teams strategically by using the right approaches for the right kind of situations. This program creates a platform for procurement leadership team members to shape the future portfolio of negotiation approaches.

Key topics include characteristics of high-performance negotiation organizations and best-practices on awarding techniques for complex B2B situations. We will demonstrate the full range from AI-based methods to behavioral insights. You will benefit from hands-on experiential learning, group work and exclusive networking opportunities. The program is offered by WHU and BCG. You will receive a WHU Executive Education Certificate after successfully completing the program.

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Program content

How will B2B negotiations change in the future? Will the negotiation portfolio of the future only consist of technology-driven methods? Which role will relationship-based approaches play? What is the right mix?

The Next-level Negotiations for Procurement Leaders Program gives answers to these questions and supports procurement leaders in maximizing the negotiations success. This program is a cooperation by WHU and BCG combining latest research and practical experience in the fields of negotiations. At the end of the workshop, you will have learned to use BCG’s AI Negotiation Coach, will be able to apply the latest behavioral insights for negotiation success, and will develop an action plan for positioning your high-performance negotiation organization for the future.

The following key topics will be covered:

  • Knowing when to do what: Identifying key characteristics of awarding situations and tailoring effective negotiation/awarding strategies
  • Mastering routine awarding situations (e.g. smart auctioning, setting the right parameters for maximum auction success)
  • Mastering complicated sourcing situations (e.g. understanding your supplier’s cost structure, creating leverage through smart bundling and multistage awarding processes, leveraging supplier innovation)
  • Getting ahead of the game by utilizing latest research insights for your B2B negotiation strategy
  • Setting up a high-performance negotiation organization (e.g. centers of expertise, building resilience, and playbooks)

Impactful learning experience:

As a follow-up to the on-site program, a video conference check-in will be offered two months later. During this check-in, participants will engage in a moderated exchange about their experiences of applying the approaches they learned during the program.

Program benefits

Your personal benefits

  • Learn WHAT makes a high-performance negotiation organization
  • Understand best-practice awarding techniques for complex B2B situations
  • Hands-on, experiential learning through proprietary case studies, negotiation simulations, and impact workouts
  • Extend your network to an interdisciplinary team of WHU faculty and BCG experts

Your company´s benefits

Participants will be able to share what they have learned and inspire colleagues to critically reflect on their own approach to negotiations, spreading best practice throughout the company.


You will receive a WHU Executive Education Certificate after successfully completing the program.

Participant profile

The Next-level Negotiations for Procurement Leaders workshop is most suitable for senior procurement professionals who strive to learn and apply innovative negotiation techniques firmly rooted in latest B2B negotiation research and practice.

Participants should be willing and able to engage fully during the courses, as teamwork makes up a substantial part of the program. Participating procurement leaders come from diverse industry backgrounds, further enriching the on-campus experience and providing a platform for broadening professional networks.

The minimum number of participants for this program is 12.

Program format and module dates

This 2-day program runs at WHU Campus Düsseldorf.


The faculty will follow up with a review session two months later, offering opportunities to discuss your experiences.

Program faculty

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    Yvonne Krack
    Marketing & Admissions Manager Executive Education
    Phone: +49211 44709178

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