The Online Certified in Value Chain Management Program focuses on a broad variety of activities and processes within an organization that are needed to create a product or service. This program will introduce you to the different stages of value creation, starting with a product or service idea and ending with its distribution. This includes important aspects such as design, procurement, production, quality control, and others. The more value an organization creates, the more competitive it will be.

Participants will learn how to understand and optimize a business’s Value Chain Management in order to deliver outstanding performances and results.

You will benefit from innovative teaching methods and a virtual but collaborative learning experience. All online courses are pitched at MBA level and after successful completion of the Program, you will be granted a WHU Online Executive Education Certificate and 10 ECTS credits, which can be credited to an MBA (16% of an MBA).

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Next date Sep 13, 2021 - Feb 27, 2022
Fee 6,950.00 €

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Program content

This program will help participants to extract a business model at the company and competitive level and familiarizes them with the terminology as well as necessary processes along the value chain within an enterprise.

The following online courses will provide you with the fundamental knowledge, skillset, and tools to develop a competitive strategy: Entrepreneurial Tools, Logistics & Supply Chain, Transformation & Innovation in the Digital Age, and Operations Management.

To receive a certification, you must participate in all courses and successfully pass each course’s examination. The certificate grants 10 ECTS credits (16% of an MBA).

Program benefits

Entrepreneurial Tools - Online

  • Learn how managers can create, develop, sustain, and lead innovative new businesses or initiatives
  • Understand the interface between a corporation and the innovation and the entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Learn how to adopt an open systems perspective
  • Understand how to effectively tap into the external environment to initiate change, drive innovation, and build new growth platforms

Logistics & Supply Chain - Online

  • Understanding the role of logistics and supply chain management for value creation and competitive advantage
  • Understand current challenges in global supply chains
  • Understanding fundamental concepts that underlie supply chain management (e.g., manufacturing postponement, logistics postponement, push/pull)
  • Assessing different strategies that firms can follow in the context of logistics and supply chain management
  • Designing and optimizing distribution networks as a driver of an efficient logistics structure given different design options
  • Understanding the role of LSPs and logistics outsourcing as a strategic option

Transformation & Innovation in the Digital Age - Online

  • Introduction to academically grounded concepts and insights on digital innovation and transformation
  • Get familiarized with several frameworks and templates to systematically analyze digital innovation challenges
  • Learn to apply the provided insights and frameworks in practice

Operations Management - Online

  • Understanding of process analysis, capacity management, forecasting, queueing models, scheduling, and quality management.
  • Develop spreadsheet models that support decision making

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Participant profile

The Online Certified in Value Chain Management Program is mainly suited for young and middle management talents who are on the outlook for their next career steps and who would like to specialize in the field of supply chain management in order to create a competitive advantage by improving internal processes.

Participants are expected to have a minimum of two years of professional experience.

For ECTS credits to be granted proof of a Bachelor or equivalent first degree is necessary.

Program format and module dates

This program runs fully online. The program consists of self-paced learning and live-teaching sessions which take place on Saturdays at 1:00 pm (CEST).

All dates of the online courses can be extracted from the application form or requested directly (

Online Certified in Value Chain Management: Sep 13, 2021 - Feb 27, 2022

Program faculty

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    Jessica Waleczek
    Marketing & Admissions Manager Executive Education
    Phone: +49 211 44709-178

    Parental leave: Take the chance to enhance your professional skillset

    WHU Executive Education is supporting parents on parental leave who are looking for new educational challenges: The Online Certified in Programs at WHU represent a great learning opportunity to acquire new business knowledge during their time off work. These programs take place online and on Saturdays so that they can easily be combined with the daily routines of parents.

    We are delighted to offer parents on parental leave a complimentary Birkman Profile & Analysis on top of any Certified in Program. The Birkman Profile & Analysis is designed to measure employees’ occupational needs and behaviors across broad categories. Based on the results, personal strength and weaknesses as well as motivations can be discovered. This will help participants to reflect on their work performance and improve it regarding their personality type.

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