This Online Workshop is targeted at current and future advisers who deal with family businesses and families in business in their professional context. As a participant, you will learn everything about the specific requirements of these companies and will be equipped with the important “tools” to advise family businesses successfully. In particular, you deep-dive into the specific challenges family offices face, such as succession, emotions and involvement of family members in decisions.

During the workshop, you will benefit from various teaching methods: discussions, lectures, and case studies. After successful completion of the workshop, you will receive a WHU Executive Education Digital Certificate.

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Next date Mar 19, 2021 - Mar 26, 2021
Locations Online
Fee 790.00 €

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Program content

Family businesses are the backbone of our economy, making up more than 80% of all enterprises. They differ substantially from other companies in terms of their objectives, structures, and resources. At the same time, these differences are often ignored in conventional adviser training and executive education. Notably, family companies face what is known as an “advice dilemma”: on the one hand, they are particularly reliant on external professional advice because of the special challenges they face (such as succession, involvement of family members in decisions, emotions). Conversely, many advisers do not have the training and experience to respond to the specific needs and requirements of family businesses in a sufficiently goal-oriented manner.

The aim of of this executive education program is to provide precisely this expertise. The program equips advisers from a range of disciplines (e.g. auditors, bank advisers, financial advisers, lawyers, management consultants) to work with family businesses and families in business. The aim of this online course is to foster an understanding of the specific requirements of these companies, to familiarize course participants with the “tools” for advising family businesses, and to generate a discussion of best practices.

The course has a practical focus and examines a wide range of examples from commercial practice. Various teaching methods are used – lectures, guided discussions between the course participants, and working through a case study.


  • What are family businesses and what makes them special?
  • Conflicts and emotions in family businesses
  • The “family business advice” paradox
  • Specific requirements of family businesses
    • Succession
    • Strategy & innovation
    • Leadership
    • Governance
    • Risk, financial structure, and liquidity
  • ‘Most trusted adviser’ concept
    • Characteristics
    • Working methods
    • Deep dive: advisers in succession cases
  • Harvard Business Case – case study on advising family businesses

Program benefits

Your personal benefit

  • Enhanced understanding of the specific features of family businesses and families in business
  • Awareness of the pitfalls makes it easier to approach family businesses
  • Familiarization with best practices for dealing with family businesses
  • Cross-disciplinary discussion of experience with family businesses
  • Consolidation of learning outcomes by working through a prototypical case study

Your company´s benefit

  • Employees gain enhanced expertise in the area of family businesses
  • Employees are skilled in dealing with family businesses as clients
  • You can establish a reputation in the family businesses customer segment

Participant profile

  • Current and future advisers who deal with family businesses and families in business in their professional context
  • Including the following professional fields (non-exhaustive list): strategy advice, conflict advice, tax advice, legal matters, auditing, finance, succession advice, innovation advice.
  • Interest in multidisciplinary approaches
  • No further prior knowledge required

Program format and module dates

This online workshop consists of 2 modules (2.5 hours each), taking place via video-conference. On both days, the session will begin at 14.00 h and finish at 16.30 h.

Online-Workshop: Beratung von Familienunternehmen: The most trusted adviser: Mar 19, 2021 - Mar 26, 2021

Beratung von Familienunternehmen Modul 1
  • Mar 19, 2021
  • Online
Beratung von Familienunternehmen Modul 2
  • Mar 26, 2021
  • Online

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