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Management Acceleration Program

Management Acceleration Program

Empowering You to Lead and Achieve
  • Dateto be announced
  • Duration9 days & self-paced learning
  • LocationDüsseldorf
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Fees€10,550.00

Empowering You to Lead and Achieve

Become a confident and strategic leader, equipped to drive growth, and to navigate complex business landscapes. Designed for experienced professionals, the Management Acceleration Program provides a highly immersive and customizable learning experience aimed at developing the skills and knowledge needed to excel in leadership and strategic decision-making. Choose 3 out of 4 comprehensive modules, to deep dive into financial literacy, strategic decision making, strategy execution, or advanced leadership.

You will receive a WHU Certificate of Excellence in Advanced Management after successfully completing the program.

Suitable for participants with at least:
Program Faculty

Program Content

Nowadays, successful leaders are expected to deliver not only fast, but also sustainable results, develop and implement strategies to sustain competitive advantage, while being empathetic leaders at eye level. In addition, a solid understanding of financial interdependencies is expected to foresee the impact of strategic decisions.

This program equips you with the crucial skills and knowledge to excel in your leadership role. You can choose 3 out of 4 modules to personalize your learning journey and address your specific needs. Each module is designed to be a highly immersive learning experience through simulations, role-plays, and case studies to ensure practical application and knowledge retention.

Financial Literacy:

  • Understand financial statements and gain insights into financial analysis, valuation, and risk management.
  • Master the fundamentals of finance and accounting to make informed strategic decisions.
  • Develop the skills to effectively interpret financial data and contribute meaningfully to financial discussions.

Strategic Decision Making:

  • Hone your strategic thinking and decision-making skills in a dynamic and business environment.
  • Learn to analyze complex situations, identify potential opportunities and threats, and make informed decisions under pressure.
  • Gain experience with simulations, role-plays, and case studies to apply your newfound knowledge in practical scenarios.

Strategy Execution:

  • Translate your strategic plans into tangible results by learning effective execution strategies.
  • Develop the skills to manage teams, delegate tasks, and navigate complex business environments.
  • Learn to overcome challenges, adapt to changing circumstances, and drive sustainable growth.

Impactful Leadership:

  • Elevate your leadership style, build strong relationships, and inspire your team to achieve success.
  • Explore key leadership concepts like influence, communication, and conflict resolution.
  • Gain valuable insights into your leadership strengths and weaknesses through self-assessment tools and feedback mechanisms. (Optional 360-degree leadership feedback available.)

Program Benefits

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the core competencies for effective leadership, strategic decision-making, and financial decisions.
  • Master practical frameworks and tools to navigate complex challenges, formulate winning strategies, and drive successful strategy execution.
  • Gain confidence in leading and inspiring teams to achieve their full potential.
  • Enhance your communication, influence, and skills to build strong relationships and foster collaboration.
  • Expand your professional network and connect with a diverse group of experienced professionals.
  • Earn a WHU Certificate of Excellence in Advanced Management after successfully completing the program.

Participant Profile

  • Experienced professionals with at least 5-8 years of leadership experience, including managers, executives, and entrepreneurs.
  • Individuals seeking to advance their careers and take on greater leadership responsibilities.
  • Those seeking to refine their strategic thinking, decision-making, and execution skills.
  • Leaders aiming to improve team dynamics, drive organizational growth, and achieve impactful results.
  • Experienced professionals who are in transition between jobs.
  • Experienced leaders without a university degree that want to deepen their business and management knowledge at a top business school.

Program Format and Module Dates

This program is offered over a period of 12 to 24 months, allowing you to tailor your learning journey to your personal needs. Each program module consists of 3 days of in-person sessions at WHU Campus Düsseldorf. Some of the modules require additional preparation time prior to the sessions. You can find more information on the respective website.

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