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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find a collection of frequently asked questions and our answers concerning admission, payment, general information, accommodation & catering and arrival & location. In case you don't find the answers you're looking for on here, do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I book a program?

To apply for one of our Open Programs please apply online via the corresponding program page. Your application will be reviewed by our Admissions Committee and after a few working days you will be informed whether you were accepted for the program or not.

I am not quite sure which program fits best to my profile. Whom can I contact?
  • For any questions regarding our Open enrollment programs please contact Ms. Yvonne Krack at openprograms@whu.edu, phone: +49 211 44709 178.
  • For any queries related to Customized Programs please contact Dr. Heike Brost-Steffens at Heike.Brost-Steffens@whu.edu, phone: +49 261 6509 870.
How does the admissions process work?

Your application will be thoroughly reviewed by our Admissions Committee with regards to program specific criteria such as work experience and professional background. You can find the requirements on our respective program webpage. As soon as you are accepted into the program, you will receive an official confirmation email.

How long does it take to process my application?

Usually, it takes around two to five days to process the application.

Can someone else apply for a program on my behalf instead?

Your employer or another authorized person can also submit the application, if they are sponsoring the program expenses. However, your personal details (career, personal wishes and motivation) should be filled out by yourself.

When do I receive the detailed program schedule?

The responsible program manager will send you the schedule along with other general information about the program soon after confirmation of all the participants.

I cannot join my desired program on the specified date. Are there any other dates available?

Our Open programs take place on a regular basis. For further information please contact Ms. Yvonne Krack at openprograms@whu.edu, +49 211 44709 178.

Why do I have to provide information about my work experience, my expectations and ideas for the offered program?

With the required information, the Admissions Committee can better check your fit into the program. It also facilitates our lecturers to prepare in advance to address your objectives and needs.

Am I eligible for “Bildungsurlaub”?

One requirement for being eligible for “Bildungsurlaub” is the location of your working place. If your workplace is based in NRW, you are generally eligible for Bildungsurlaub, but ultimately, it is up to your employer. Find more information regarding "Bildungsurlaub" here.

Payment Open Programs
What costs are included in the participation fee?

The tuition fee covers the costs for the lectures, the course materials and, depending on the program, meals and snacks within the program days. For more detailed information please check our program brochures.

Is the program fee including VAT?

VAT is not applicable according to §4 of the UstG, so the stated program fee corresponds to the gross amount.

When is the payment due date for my program?

After verification of your registration, your documents will be given to the responsible program manager, who will contact you regarding logistical information. In this e-mail, you will also receive further information regarding the payment process. After receipt of the invoice, the fee has to be paid within 14 days, unless otherwise agreed individually. In case of registrations on short notice, the invoice has to be paid immediately, because a participation in the program is only possible after payment has been made.

Can I cancel my application?

In principal, you can revoke your application two weeks prior to start of the program. Please check our terms and conditions for detailed information on our cancellation periods and fees.

Open Programs: General Information
How is the program structure?

Generally, our Executive Education Programs last two to three days, in rare cases even longer. The program days consist of several lecture sessions, combined with networking events as a joint lunch or dinner.

How about the number of participants?

Our average number of participants ranges from 20 to 25.

Do I have to bring any materials for participation into the program (e.g. a laptop)?

No, we will provide all training materials you need. In rare cases we will ask you to bring your laptop with you. This will be communicated after your successful application.

Where do the programs take place?

Most of our Programs take place at WHU Campus Düsseldorf. You can find specific information on the corresponding program page.

Will there be graded exams?

There will be graded exams exclusively in programs in which you gain ECTS-Points. All participants receive a certificate after successful completion.

Do I receive a certificate?

After successfully completing a program you will receive a WHU Executive Education Certificate of Attendance. For program-bundles such as the "Management Essentials Program" you will receive the WHU Certificate of Excellence in General Management (a certificate with a list of all included programs). For the "General Management Plus Program" you receive the WHU Mini MBA including 15 ECTS-Points.

At what time do programs usually start and when do they end?

On the first program day, our lectures usually start at 9 am while on the final day the sessions do not end later than 6pm. You will receive detailed information about the program schedule from the responsible program manager.

Will training materials be provided by WHU?

WHU will provide all necessary course material (pens, paper, etc.). In case there are any special requirements concerning materials (e.g. a laptop you should bring with you), you will be informed by the responsible program manager.

Should I prepare any contents for the program?

Yes, usually you receive pre-readings and/or selected cases that you should be read/processed before the program starts. The program manager will provide the necessary material for you in due time (including CV’s of the lecturers).

What about the dress code?

Please dress smart casual. Jeans are allowed.

Is there WIFI available on Campus Düsseldorf?

Yes, you will receive the log-in data on-site.

Accommodation & Catering
Will WHU book a hotel room for me, or do I have to take care of it myself?

After receiving your admission, the responsible program manager will send you all relevant documents for booking a hotel close to the Düsseldorf Campus, including hotel recommendations for different price categories.

Are the travel costs to WHU and back included in the price?

The participants pay travel costs to WHU and back themselves. Any transports during the program e.g. trips by bus to company visits are organized by WHU and are included in the program fee.

Is there catering during the program?

During the program, WHU will provide snacks and drinks, as well as lunch. These are included in the program fee. In case you have any allergies or intolerances, please let us know in due time.

Arrival & Location
How do I reach the Campus?

WHU Campus Düsseldorf is conveniently situated and close to the city center. We recommend using public transport to reach the campus. There also is a fee-based parking at "Schwanenhöfe" where the campus is located.

From Düsseldorf central station, please get onto metro line U75 or bus line 738. Get off at the station "Kettwiger Straße". From there please turn into "Erkather Straße". Following straight on, you will reach "Schwanenhöfe" after about 5 minutes. You can’t miss the WHU signs at "Schwanenhöfe" area.

Are there parking facilities?

You can use the fee-based parking of "Schwanenhöfe". For guests of WHU there are discounted parking fees. You will receive detailed information from the responsible program manager.

Is the Campus accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, the Campus is accessible for persons with walking impediments and wheelchair users. Please inform us beforehand if you need any support.

More Questions? Contact us
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