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Negotiations Program

Negotiations Program

B2B Negotiations Seminar: Leading negotiations with purpose & for results
  • Date
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  • Application Deadline
  • Duration2 days
  • LocationDüsseldorf
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Fees€2,450.00
  • Early Bird Application Deadlines
    • €2,205.00

B2B Negotiations Seminar: Leading negotiations with purpose & for results

Our Negotiations Seminar equips you with the skills you need to manage business negotiations successfully, even in the most challenging situations. The 2-day program provides managers and executives with a rich set of negotiation strategies and negotiation techniques to lead successful business-to-business negotiations in any setting – be it day-to-day interactions with suppliers, customers, or colleagues. The international participant group allows you to network with peers from various cultural and industry backgrounds.

During hands-on exercises in the program, such as role-plays, you will be equipped with ready-to-use skills. On top of that, you will take home improved leadership and communication skills! You will receive a WHU Executive Education Certificate after successfully completing the negotiation seminar.

Suitable for participants with at least:
4 YearWorkexperience
Program Faculty

Program Content

What you can expect from this Negotiations Seminar:

This highly interactive B2B negotiation training is a hands-on program with real-life case studies. You will practice methods to successfully handle complexity in multi-party, multi-issue settings, achieve internal alignment, and control external influences. The negotiation course covers methods to identify leverage points, profile personalities, and effectively use influencing negotiation techniques and non-verbal communication.

Special emphasis lies on ways to resolve the most difficult challenges, such as hostile negotiators, confrontation with hard-bargaining tactics, and high-stress moments. Various role-plays and exercises will allow you to apply these techniques right away, improve your negotiation skills and gain confidence in negotiation management.

During the Negotiations Program, you will use the WHU Business Negotiations Profile. The BNP tool helps you to reflect on a negotiation from different perspectives and sharpens a strategic mindset when preparing for or debriefing on negotiations. It analyses key characteristics that typically have a strong influence on the process and outcome of the negotiation, as well as on the choice of suitable negotiation strategies and tactics. During and after the workshop, you are invited to further tailor the BNP to your own needs.

Program Benefits

What you will learn during the Negotiations Seminar:

  • Acquire the mindset and toolkit to negotiate effectively
  • Understand how to reach a deal, even when positions seem incompatible
  • Learn more about different negotiation styles and negotiation types and make use of innovative negotiation tactics
  • Become aware of – and avoid – tactical and psychological pitfalls
  • Gain confidence in leading negotiations, navigating complex and stressful situations
  • Learn to deal with power imbalances and difficult personalities
  • Optimize your negotiation process & improve your overall negotiation strategy
  • Improve your skills in influencing, claiming value, and reading the other side

What is in it for your company?

As a strong negotiator, you can create and capture substantial value for your company, often with immediate impact on the company’s financial performance. Due to the intensive, hands-on exercises of this negotiation skills training, you will be equipped with ready-to-use skills and confidence, right into your next negotiation. The techniques you will learn will also be of high value for improving all-round leadership and communication within your team, with clients and in other business relationships. You will be able to share what you have learned and inspire colleagues to reflect on their own approach to negotiations, spreading best practices in your company.


You will receive a WHU Executive Education Certificate after successfully completing the strategic negotiation seminar.

Participant Profile

Who should attend this Negotiations Seminar?

People who...

  • are or will be in leadership positions;
  • regularly negotiate on behalf of their organization or clients;
  • are involved in the B2B business and strategic decision-making;
  • want to learn state-of-the-art negotiation tools and techniques.

This strategic negotiations course is designed as a fast-paced, intense, and compact negotiation training. It fits well into a busy professional schedule and is, therefore, very suitable for participants in management positions. You will meet participants from diverse industries and organizational backgrounds who each bring their own unique experiences and perspectives. This will greatly enrich the learning process and allow you to build a valuable network with your peers.

The minimum number of participants for this program is 12.

Program Format and Module Dates

This 2-day program runs at WHU Campus Düsseldorf. Before the negotiations training, participants will need to plan in 1.5-2.0 hours of preparation time (pre-readings, Business Negotiation Profile).

Negotiations Program

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