WHU´s ECTS-Granting Programs allow you to enhance and deepen your knowledge in various management areas. On successful completion of a program, you will be awarded a certificate incl. ECTS (between 8 and 15 ECTS).

Parental leave: Take the chance to enhance your professional skillset

WHU Executive Education is supporting parents on parental leave who are looking for new educational challenges: The (Online) Certified in Programs at WHU represent a great learning opportunity to acquire new business knowledge during their time off work. These programs take place on weekends in class or completely online, so that they can easily combined with the daily routines of parents. The (Online) Certified in Programs provide specialization in different areas.

We are delighted to offer parents on parental leave a complimentary Birkman Profile & Analysis on top of any (Onine) Certified in Program. The Birkman Profile & Analysis is designed to measure employees’ occupational needs and behaviors across broad categories. Based on the results, personal strength and weaknesses as well as motivations can be discovered. This will help participants to reflect on their work performance and improve it regarding their personality type.

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