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Digital Education & Experience Program (DEEP)

Digital Education & Experience Program (DEEP)

Develop digital and technological expertise. Provide customers with confident, sound advice.
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Develop digital and technological expertise. Provide customers with confident, sound advice.

Digitalization is bringing far-reaching changes to the economy and society while creating new challenges. Today, providing clients with comprehensive legal advice requires more than just legal expertise. Law firms are increasingly confronted with the need to advise on matters that arose when a different legal framework was in place. WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and the law firm Luther offer sound, practical professional training for lawyers that combines legal, technical and business topics while addressing the challenges entailed by the provision of legal consultations both today and in the future.

Suitable for participants with at least:
3 YearLeadershipexperience
7 YearWorkexperience
Program Faculty

Program Content

The ‘Digital Education & Experience Program’ addresses three topics: ‘Tech for Law’, ‘Law for Tech’ and ‘Business for Digital’.

‘Tech for Law’

The objective of ‘Tech for Law’ is to establish a fundamental understanding of the technologies that are critical to digitalization and which serve as the foundation of a wide range of business models and value chains.

Topics covered:

  • Technology essentials
  • Digital infrastructures
  • Artificial intelligence and big data
  • Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, robotics and sensor technology
  • Distributed ledger technologies (blockchain)
  • Legal tech

‘Law for Tech’

The objective of ‘Law for Tech’ is to provide participants with a sound foundation in the legal fields that are of particular relevance to digitalization while equipping them with the expertise necessary for advising their clients.

Topics covered:

  • Antitrust law
  • Distribution law
  • Data law
  • Artificial intelligence and big data
  • Start-up law and venture capital
  • Future work
  • FinTech
  • Legal tech

DEEP – ‘Business for Digital’

‘Business for Digital’ focuses on the framework and considerations to be taken into account by companies and start-ups in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous digital world (VUCA world).

Topics covered:

  • Strategy and digital business models
  • Start-ups and agile mindsets
  • LIQUIFY LEGAL: Seven steps on the road to digital transformation

After completion of the three subject modules, the practical module follows:

DEEP – practical module

DEEP concludes with a special practical module in the form of a hackathon. Here, participants’ newly acquired knowledge of technologies and application cases is applied to their own specific ideas, concepts and projects. The goal is to discuss innovative solutions for current problems in their law firms, with their clients, or even new business models, as a team, and to cultivate these ideas into new prototypes. At the same time, this module is used for the application of new ways of working, including design thinking and scrum, in the development process.

Program Benefits

  • Receive a fundamental understanding of the framework conditions and technologies that are shaping digitalization
  • Understand and assess the risks and opportunities presented by technologies
  • Gain familiarity with the legal fields that are essential for offering competent advice on digitalization topics
  • Obtain an essential comprehension of market mechanisms and competition structures
  • Receive a fundamental understanding of the development and implementation of corporate strategies
  • Learn the fundamentals of agile working methods and agile business model development

Participant Profile

  • Corporate lawyers

Program Format and Module Dates

The program consists of six modules (3 days each), spread over nine months.

ABOUT Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Luther is a leading German commercial law firm that offers comprehensive legal and tax advice. The full-service law firm employs over 420 lawyers and tax advisors and is represented in ten German economic hubs as well as with ten of its own international offices in key investment locations and financial centres in Europe and Asia. Its clients include medium-sized enterprises and large corporations, as well as the public sector.

Luther works closely with other commercial law firms in all the prevailing jurisdictions. Luther is a founding member of unyer (www.unyer.com), a global organisation of leading professional services firms that cooperate exclusively with each other.

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is a law firm with a business approach: our innovative awareness aspires us to provide our clients with customised legal advice that addresses individual needs and delivers the greatest possible economic benefit. All of Luther’s lawyers and tax advisors have a solid understanding of interdisciplinary matters and a wealth of experience in collaborating on complex tasks. Luther was named “Law Firm of the Year 2019” by the German legal publisher JUVE. Further information is available at: www.luther-lawfirm.com

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