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Certified in Strategy & Organization

Certified in Strategy & Organization

Become an Effective Strategist in Management
  • DateSpring 2025
  • Duration12 days; on weekends
  • LocationDüsseldorf
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Fees€7,950.00

Become an Effective Strategist in Management

The Certified in Strategy & Organization Program is the broadest of all WHU Certified in Programs. It introduces basic concepts and theories with regard to strategy and different functions in an organization. Courses are pitched at the MBA level, which means that relevance and applicability to your job are at their core. All courses consist of highly interactive lectures as well as group work. You will receive a WHU Executive Education Certificate (incl. 8 ECTS) after successfully completing the program.

Suitable for participants with at least:
2 YearWorkexperience
Program Faculty

Program Content

The Certified in Strategy & Organization Program gives you a comprehensive overview of strategy at both company and a competitive level and familiarizes you with the important functions within an enterprise.

This program consists of the following courses (you choose 4 out of 5 courses): Economics of Corporate & Competitive Strategy, Operations Management, Strategic Sourcing, Organizational Behavior, Innovation Management.

To receive a certification, you must participate in 4 courses with a total of 12 teaching days, and successfully pass each course’s examination. The certificate grants 8 ECTS credits (13% of an MBA).

Program Benefits

Economics of Corporate & Competitive Strategy

  • Understand how enterprises can create value and position themselves within the arena of markets
  • Examine how changes in economic or industry conditions affect business strategy and how to reduce uncertainty by anticipating the future evolution of the external environment

Operations Management

  • Learn how to effectively analyze, manage, and improve the processes within manufacturing or service companies
  • Analyze the essentiality of manufacturing in Europe

Strategic Sourcing

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge about the main theories, concepts, and tools needed for successful global sourcing/supply management
  • Receive a set of concepts and practical tools to use in support of your supply management decision making

Organizational Behavior

  • Develop a critical understanding of the key issues and concepts in organizational behavior
  • Hone capabilities for leadership roles that require management of relationships, teams, and organizations

Innovation Management

  • Get an overview of fundamental aspects of innovation management as part of a general management program at master’s level
  • Understand strategic, organizational, and procedural aspects of managing product, process, and business model innovation across different industrial and competitive environments

Participant Profile

Ideal candidate profiles include

  • Participants with a first degree in engineering, law, social sciences, humanities, foreign languages etc. will benefit from this program.
  • Participants with a first degree (Bachelor) in Business Administration or International Business will benefit from this program, as it is very practice-oriented and looks at (maybe) known topics from a different perspective.
  • Participants who are aiming at broadening and deepening their business / management knowledge at MBA-level, while fully working.
  • Participants with a minimum of two years of professional experience who are moving into a leadership position.
  • The participants come from diverse industry and organizational backgrounds, further enriching the learning experience, and creating a valuable network of peers.
  • Candidates should be willing to travel to WHU Campus Düsseldorf for the lectures, to actively participate during lectures and to engage in groupwork outside of lectures.

Admission requirements

  • Proof of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent first degree is necessary.
  • Minimum of two years of post-graduate professional experience.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Participants should be willing and able to actively participate in lectures and groupwork, as these make up a substantial part of the programs and course gradings.

Participation in course examinations is mandatory in this program. You can find the complete certificate regulation here.

The program language is English.

Program Format and Module Dates

The program consists of 4 courses. Each course consists of 3 days (12 total). The courses are held on Saturdays and Sundays at WHU Campus Düsseldorf. Registration is possible until 6 weeks before the start of the course. 

Application Process

At WHU, you will find exclusive customer service and a passionate team to support you on your WHU journey. Hence, during the application process, we would like to know you better through a personal interview that can be either on campus or virtually. In this interview, we would like to learn more about your career goals and your expectations from our programs. You will also have the possibility to ask any questions you might have. The interview can take place before or after you apply online.

1. Online Application
2. Application review
3. Short interview (20-30 minutes) with our Marketing & Admissions Manager
4. Candidate notification
5. Onboarding package, including all the information you need before starting the program, like logistics, payment, etc.

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