When taking on a management position, strategy formulation and strategy execution become a vital part of the responsibilities of your new role. WHU´s Strategy Essentials Program is a fast-paced program providing you with the skills and tools to develop and execute a strong business strategy. By analyzing and discussing the different facets of business strategy formulation, you will create an understanding of the role of a company’s resources, capabilities, and limitations in this process. You will receive a WHU Executive Education Certificate after successfully completing the program.

Short facts

Next date Feb 03, 2020 - Feb 05, 2020
Locations Düsseldorf
Fee 2,950.00 €
Early bird fee 2,750.00 €
until Nov 11, 2019

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Program content

Strategy formulation refers to the process of choosing the most appropriate course of action for the realization of organizational goals and objectives, which in turn will achieve the organizational vision. It is about finding out where to go, how to get there, and checking if you are on the right track. Strategies are formulated for the company as a whole as well as for its divisions and subdivisions, and they evolve over the course of a company’s lifecycle.

A brilliant strategy can earn your company recognition as a serious competitor, but your company will only retain that position if your strategy is successfully executed. Many articles have been published about the success of implementing and executing a corporate strategy, and it is the case that many organizations fail to get what they want out of their strategic plan. The biggest hurdle is said to be transforming that great strategy into great performance – in other words, strategy execution: making the strategy work. Effective leaders are aware of these hurdles and understand that you need much more than a great strategy to be successful. It is about bridging the gap between theory and practice and the ability to make every employee aware of the right way of working as well as overcoming emotional barriers.

During this program you will acquire agile strategy formulation tools, like lean start-up tools and the Business Model Canvas. By explaining the interests of different stakeholders and the relation between different goals, you will understand how value is created and maximized. In addition, the importance of product life cycles and innovation will be explained. Moreover, you will learn how to execute a strategy more effectively. You will learn to identify pitfalls, manage emotional resistance, recognize opportunities for change, employ influencing techniques, and build the capabilities to implement a strategy successfully.

Program benefits

  • Learn to formulate a business (unit) strategy that suits the needs and visions of your organization
  • Understand the concept of corporate strategy and why a strong strategy is essential for a company’s success
  • Understand the role of different stakeholders
  • Apply strategy formulation methods and frameworks, such as Business Model Canvas and Lean Start-Up
  • Learn how to implement a strategy successfully
  • Learn how to manage change and overcome (emotional) resistance to change resistance to change


You will receive a WHU Executive Education Certificate after successfully completing the program.

Participant profile

  • Participants who are responsible for the formulation and implementation of corporate strategy within their company
  • Participants who are in transition into a leadership position
  • Professionals who have recently made a transition from a functional level to a general management level
  • Professionals who are contributing to company performance, e.g. heads of business units, managers of departments, or leaders of project teams

Program format and module dates

This program runs for 3 days at WHU Campus Düsseldorf, Germany.

Strategy Essentials Program: Feb 03, 2020 - Feb 05, 2020

Strategy Essentials
  • Feb 03, 2020 - Feb 05, 2020
  • Düsseldorf

Program faculty

    This program qualifies for the “Certificate of Excellence in General Management”.

    Contact us

    Yvonne Krack
    Marketing & Admissions Manager Executive Education
    E-mail: openprograms@whu.edu
    Phone: +49211 44709178

    Get the full General Management Experience – Special offer

    This Program is part of the Management Essentials Program, a package that provides participants, who are transitioning into a leadership position, or have done so recently, with the fundamental skills of General Management. The Management Essentials Program consists of the following three programs: Leadership Essentials, Strategy Essentials and Financial Literacy.

    Each of these programs focuses on different skills that are essential for successful leadership. In combination with an additional personality profile, the three programs can be scheduled flexibly to make them best fit your professional and personal schedule.

    More about the Management Essentials Program

    Upon completion of all Management Essentials modules (Financial Literacy Program, Leadership Essentials Program, Strategy Essentials Program) participants receive WHU’s “Certificate of Excellence in General Management”.

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