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Strategies for inspiring executives

From November 6 to 10, 2017, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management is conducting its first “Advanced Management Program (AMP)” at the Düsseldorf campus. The five-day program offers experienced executives an opportunity to reflect on topics in strategy development, strategy implementation, and leadership behavior while acquainting themselves with new points of view and broadening their networks at the same time.

For experienced executives seeking to evolve their leadership style, the greatest challenges they face are to cultivate flexibility and agility and to efficiently achieve strategic objectives. The new WHU Advanced Management Program offers effective ways to develop fresh strategies in difficult situations.

The Executive Education Program is divided into two areas: “Strategy” and “Inspiring Leadership Behavior.” In the first part, instructors familiarize participants with new and flexible methods for the development of strategy against the backdrop of the international economic context, taking global megatrends and their impact on businesses into account. Complementing this, participants have the opportunity to share their own strategic challenges with one another and with the instructors in a protected setting.

“When it comes to providing inspiring leadership, we ask ourselves and the course participants questions such as: What properties do inspiring executives have, anyway? How can I get difficult messages across? But also: What role do the emotions play in my leadership behavior?” explains Dr. Rebecca Winkelmann, Managing Director Executive Education at WHU.

The WHU Advanced Management Program is designed particularly for executives who are about to ascend to senior management positions or are already working in a position of this nature. Ideally, participants will have more than ten years of experience as an executive in a position that is located one or two tiers below executive-board level.

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