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Doing Business With India

In a new WHU Executive Education program, executives learn how to do business with and in India. In the innovative program, executives learn to be successful by understanding Indian culture, politics, industry, and business structures on-location. In spring 2014, the program participants will spend seven days in India.

India is a highly fascinating and contradicting country with highs and lows in growth, infrastructure, education, and training of its labor force. The fast-paced Indian market offers both opportunities as well as challenges: to be able to enter this market one needs to be aware of the cultural differences. The 7-day “Doing Business With India Program” takes participants by the hand and gives them a profound insight into India. While visiting companies, they gain deep insights into the leadership culture and get to know the Indian consumer. Furthermore, during lectures, talks, and case study discussions they learn about the characteristics of the Indian law system and how to create a successful business model. “This program is a really unique learning experience”, says Rebecca Winkelmann, Managing Director of WHU’s Executive Education. “We have blended many different elements and formats in order to make participants both learn and feel the Indian environment.”

Wolfgang Messner, Faculty Director of the program and Associate Professor of International Management at MYRA School of Business in India adds: “In this program, we will show you how to make business in India happen – and how innovation generated in India and for India can unlock other opportunities worldwide.”

This practice-oriented WHU Executive Education Program is suited for executives who are either facing challenges that come with doing business with India or for executives who are planning to expand their activities in India. The participants´ industry background and level of seniority may be diverse. “Whether you are a CEO, strategist, marketer, supply chain manager, engineer, or policymaker – business in emerging markets is a phenomenon you need to understand” explains Messner.

Doing Business With India Program at a Glance

  • Topics: Indian culture, politics, industry and leadership culture
  • Date: March 30, 2014 – April 5, 2014 (7days)
  • Venue: India (including Bangalore, Mysore)
  • Fees: € 8,950 excluding airfare to and from Bangalore
  • Participants will receive a WHU certificate of attendance after successfully completing the program

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