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"For us, knowledge is one of the most important assets for the company's success."

"For us, knowledge is one of the most important assets for the company's success."

Interview with Rieka Wienke, Head of People & Culture at KRONGAARD

People make up organizations. Strategies, innovations, and competitive advantage are all created by people. Therefore, a corporation's growth and advancement depend greatly on the development of its people resources.

WHU’s Open Programs are a perfect starting point for your HR development activities. In this brief interview with Rieka Wienke, Head of People & Culture at KRONGAARD, you will learn about the ways HRD professionals receive support throughout the entire WHU Executive Education journey and what they gained from this enriching experience.

- Ms. Wienke, what goal did you have in mind regarding HR development when coming to WHU?

We want to expand the knowledge within the organization in the long term while continuing to build and expand our own successes through knowledge. As a premium service provider, it is, of course, also important for us to develop premium employees. We believe in the continuous and constant development of everyone and want to promote this from within. For us, knowledge is one of the most important assets for the company's success.

- Why did you choose WHU?

It is important to us that our employees receive a high-quality qualification opportunity. Thinking outside the box is particularly crucial here in order to facilitate lifelong learning. Above all, the networking aspect and the interaction between business and science is very special for us. Insights into existing scientific findings and exchanges with professors and the teaching staff stimulate important starting points, which build up knowledge in the long term.

- Beyond the content WHU offers, what makes it special as an executive education learning provider?

For us, the idea of networking was particularly important. The opportunity to exchange ideas with decision-makers from other companies is a big plus here. Furthermore, because the communication with the WHU staff during the consultation process as well as during the programs is at eye level, we feel understood and receive various formats with different target groups.

- How would you sum up the experience with WHU Executive Education?

As a company, we feel very well looked after here. Here you will find good communication and the possibility to expand our own knowledge. In addition, we get external stimuli that help us internally.

Returning to the daily work routine with new and fresh knowledge provides enormous added value for our managers and executives and increases the long-term motivation of each individual.

At WHU Executive Education, we are aware of the value of human resource development as well as the difficulties faced by managers in this field. As a result, we have created special offers – exclusively for HRD professionals and leaders. Visit our HRD Offerings Website for more information or contact us at openprograms@whu.edu and one of our program experts will schedule a call/meeting with you.