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Negotiations Program: Interview with Prof. Dr. Lutz Kaufmann

Prof. Dr. Lutz Kaufmann is a professor in the Supply Chain Group at WHU since 2001. He is teaching in the Negotiations Program which was designed to equip participants with the skills necessary to manage negotiations successfully, even in the most challenging situations. In a short three-minute FAQ he gave us answers to some relevant questions regarding the topic of negotiations and the offered program.

What are the most common reasons for failure in negotiations?

  1. Taking the setup as a given. Why not change stakeholders, topics, or the sequence of the talks?
  2. Thinking in compromises. Why not using intelligent deal designs where the parties can keep their different views?
  3. Trying to trick the other side. Why using tactics from largely irrelevant contexts, like buying a car, a house or freeing a hostage?

What are negotiation techniques and why are they relevant for businesses?

These are strategies for jointly solving a problem without being sentimental about the business relationship. Negotiation skills are relevant simply because conflict is a growth industry.

How will this seminar benefit me?

Participants will move beyond win-win or win-lose categories. They will be able to (re-)shape negotiation setups, achieve agreements while the parties still disagree, detect tactical and psychological tracks, and deal with complicated personalities and power constellations.

How is the program constituted?

Negotiating and swimming or tennis have one thing in common: you only learn it properly by practicing it. Therefore, this program is designed as one big ‘experiential learning’ event.

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