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New WHU continuing education format teaches experienced managers the art of strategic thinking and action

New WHU continuing education format teaches experienced managers the art of strategic thinking and action

Strategic thinking and acting for executives

Strategic knowledge is a basic requirement in general management and is one of the most essential skills of a successful manager. Basic content on strategy development and execution is therefore already taught during the course of study.

The fact that education does not end with a successful degree has been evident for some time in the development of the continuing education market, in which lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important. This is also confirmed by Dr. Rebecca Winkelmann, Managing Director WHU Executive Education: "Even the Corona crisis was only able to slow down the demand for high-quality continuing education formats for a short time. Especially now, with falling infection figures, we are noticing an increased demand for interactive face-to-face formats that focus on the personal exchange of participants. After months of managers and executives having to act and lead from their desks at home, they want now more than ever a direct, personal exchange to learn from each other."

Due to the high relevance of the content and demand, WHU has developed a new continuing education program for experienced managers that employs experiments, role playing (derived from war gaming) and AI-supported computer simulations to teach strategic thinking, decision-making and action: the "Strategic Decision-Making Program." The program thus adds another strategy format to the portfolio of Executive Education programs at WHU, alongside the already firmly established “Strategy Essentials Program”. "In this way, we can offer participants a continuing education opportunity at every stage of their professional lives," says Rebecca Winkelmann.

The three-day intensive program is designed as an on-site "training camp" so that participants are challenged as strategists and a direct transfer to their own everyday work is encouraged. A digital learning platform serves as program preparation and introduction to the Business Simulation Game used during the program. In the fall of 2021 (October 20th – 22nd), the first program will take place at the modern WHU Campus Düsseldorf. As with all executive education formats at WHU, in addition to the program content and varied didactic methods, the focus is particularly on networking elements, which are intended to initiate networking among participants after the program.

For more information, please visit the program website.