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WHU Certified In Programs – FAQ

Since December 2016, WHU Executive Education offers a new program format: The Certified In Programs.

We have compiled Frequently Asked Questions for you:

What is a “WHU Certified In Program”?
WHU Certified In Programs are short courses on MBA level specializing in management topics. Upon successful completion of a “WHU Certified In Program”, participants will be awarded a WHU certificate with 8 ECTS which are valid when pursuing an MBA at WHU.

What is the target group of WHU´s Certified In Programs?
The Certified In Programs are targeted at young managers who have gained 2-5 years of professional experience in various sectors. They are specially designed for professionals interested in certain parts of an MBA, or those who do not have the time or resources to attend a full MBA program.

Which topics do the WHU Certified In Programs cover?
There are 3 different WHU Certified In Programs: Finance & Accounting Program, Strategy & Organization Program, Marketing & Sales Program. Each program consists of 4 or 5 courses, which you can find on our website.

What is the format of the WHU Certified In Programs?
Every WHU Certified in Program consists of 4 courses. Some Programs offer 5 courses of which 4 are selected on enrolment. Each course comprises 3 days of teaching and is held only on Saturdays and Sundays. To receive a certification with 8 ECTS credits, you are bound to one of the named “WHU Certified in Programs” and participate fully in all 4 four courses and pass an exam at the end of the courses.

It is also possible to participate in just one course or several courses different from the offered WHU Certified in Programs.

When do the WHU Certified In Programs take place?
Program dates are updated regularly and will be published on the respective website. Courses are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

What is the program / course language?
All courses will be held in English.

Where do the WHU Certified In Programs take place?
The WHU Certified In Programs take place at WHU Campus Düsseldorf, Germany.

Do I get a Certificate of Attendance?
Yes. A Certificate of Participation will be granted for every taken course. ECTS credits will be awarded only upon successful completion of a WHU Certified Program (including participation in 4 courses and passed exams).

What are the fees for the WHU Certified In Programs?
Full ‘WHU Certified In Program’ (4 courses; accredited):
€5,000 including tuition, Certificate (incl. ECTS credits), session materials, case studies, and most meals; excluding accommodation.

Single courses (non-accredited):
€1,500 including tuition, Certificate of Participation (excl. ECTS credits), session materials, case studies, and most meals; excluding accommodation.

Our program fees are VAT-exempt.