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The new WHU Global Online MBA

There are many possibilities to acquire a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in an online course. However, the names of the most recognized business schools are rare in this market. Yet, it is the name of the institution which is of particular importance for the further careers of MBA students. Ranked no. 1 in Germany by the Financial Times in its renowned Global MBA Ranking, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management is now one of the first top business schools in Germany to offer an online MBA program for students from all over the world.

"For us, the Global Online MBA is the next step towards the future," says Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU. "We have learned a lot from the corona crisis and have made a great leap forward in terms of digitization. And we have seen that there is great interest in our online offerings internationally. We want to make use of this experience now." WHU has committed itself to excellence in research and teaching and is determined to meet this goal also with the new MBA format. The online program will therefore be closely aligned with the existing triple-accredited MBA program, will also offer many opportunities for interaction and personal exchange using state-of-the-art technology, and will provide students with individual support in the usual manner.

It is the flexibility which makes the big difference to regular MBA programs. Participants in the Global Online MBA can work from home, adapt the program to their individual situation, and choose freely between a duration of 18 and 36 months. Those who want to be even more flexible in terms of time can also participate in smaller units of the Global Online MBA by obtaining individual certificates.

The new program is also an expression of the international orientation of the business school. And, even if they are not personally present, participants of the Online MBA will benefit from the network of students and the more than 4,500 WHU alumni of most diverse national and professional backgrounds. They can also take advantage of WHU’s customized career service, which helps students realize their own goals. Applications are possible as of August 3, 2020.

"With the Global Online MBA, WHU is reacting to a new demand situation, which has certainly been enhanced by the current crisis", explains Dean Markus Rudolf. "It is an excellent additional part of our program portfolio, which is already very diverse.”


A story of success

10 years of social entrepreneurship, 7 years of successful partnership with over 46,000 purpose-driven responsible leaders: BOOKBRIDGE and WHU enable participants to start their own social enterprise.

Hands-on, practice orientated knowledge is always important in management education, but crucial for starting one’s own company: The General Management Plus Program of WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management offers participants the opportunity to co-create social enterprises in emerging markets like Sri Lanka, Cambodia or Mongolia. Since 2013, WHU has been cooperating with the social enterprise BOOKBRIDGE giving its executive education to participants. "Over the years, we have developed more than 600 leaders in GMP+ each of whom has impacted 77 colleagues on average. This means that we have already turned over 46,000 people into purpose-driven responsible leaders worldwide," says BOOKBRIDGE co-founder and WHU alumnus Carsten Rübsaamen and smiles. "We are thus changing entire organizations towards more innovation and value-based leadership.”

Read the full article here.


FT Executive Education Ranking: #37 in the Open Programs Category

In the recently published Financial Times Executive Education: Open-Enrollment Programs Ranking 2020, the open continuing education program for managers at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management has achieved an excellent second place in Germany. In Europe, WHU is one of the 25 best executive education providers and ranks 37th in a global comparison.

This ranking is of great interest to managers who would like to take advantage of the high-quality offerings of higher education without participating in a full EMBA degree program. An open executive education program offers the opportunity to acquire specific management skills and methodological knowledge. Networking with other program participants is also an important factor for many. However, there is a wide range of offers on the further education market and they often differ significantly in quality. The Financial Times Executive Education Ranking is therefore an important orientation aid for interested managers.

WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management is one of the top addresses in Germany for the continuing education of experienced managers. The portfolio includes customized programs for individual companies, open programs for individual participants or small groups of companies and the Certified-in-Programs, a further education option at MBA level. In May 2020, WHU expanded the Executive Education portfolio to include online formats in the areas of negotiation, design thinking and coaching. In the "Open Programs", WHU offers seminars on digitization, entrepreneurship, finance, leadership and negotiation strategies, among others.

In this year's FT Ranking, the business school was able to improve its ranking by a further eight places compared to last year's result. "The ranking confirms that WHU has established itself in international competition with its executive education programs," says Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU. "It reflects not only the high quality of the program, but also the commitment and hard work we put into the continuous improvement of our teaching".

For the third time, WHU is now participating in the Financial Times Executive Education Ranking. In 2018, it reached 60th place, and by 2020 it is already among the top 40 executive education providers worldwide. This advancement was achieved in particular through improvements in the categories "Preparation" (rank 25), "Course Design" (rank 27), "Teaching" (rank 31) and "Faculty" (rank 34). WHU also scored particularly well in terms of the internationality of its participants (25th place). The FT Executive Education Ranking lists the 75 best international continuing education programs in the category "Open Programs". They are ranked according to the quality of teaching, the course structure and the diversity of participants. The evaluation is based on information from the universities as well as on surveys of program graduates. "We are pleased that our participants are so satisfied with the course design, the faculty and the diversity of the program," says Dr. Rebecca Winkelmann, Managing Director Executive Education, enthusiastically. "They recognize that we offer an excellent further education for executives on an international level with our Executive Education programs."

In January, WHU's MBA program already achieved an excellent position in the Financial Times MBA Ranking 2020, once again taking first place among German universities. In a European comparison, WHU is one of the top 15 MBA providers, worldwide it ranks 64th.


WHU Executive Education offers Online Formats

The Executive Education Program of WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management is adapting to the current changes and is expanding the portfolio with new online formats in the areas of negotiation, design thinking, and coaching.

"The coronavirus has not only challenged schools, universities, and business schools to digitalize learning within a very short timeframe. It has also introduced a major change among development programs for executives by bringing new digital formats", says Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. WHU Executive Education faculty is now also offering online formats workshops for managers.

"WHU is one of the first business schools in Germany offering Executive Education Programs in digital formats," reports Dr. Rebecca Winkelmann, Managing Director Executive Education. The new online workshops currently cover three topics that are becoming increasingly important, especially in times of crisis: Negotiations, Design Thinking and other agile methods, and Coaching as a Leadership Style. Further online programs on various management topics are being planned and will continue to be an integral part of the Executive Education portfolio in the long term.

Participants with several years of professional experience and leadership responsibilities can now enhance their skills through video conferences, online group work, and live coaching. The workshops and online sessions are specifically designed to fit into the busy schedules of professionals. The workshops take place on several days so that participants can practice the newly acquired knowledge in between the modules. Next to learning new skills and tools from renowned faculty, networking, and learning with and from another plays an important role in these online programs.

Please visit the website on the Executive Education online formats for more information. 


Webinars: Economy, Businesses and Society After the Corona-crisis

The Corona-crisis affects the whole world. Many people feel insecure, unsure about how long the crisis will stay, and what the world "after the crisis" will look like. WHU will launch a webinar series on Monday, April 6, 2020, to discuss these topics.

In this webinar series, WHU professors will discuss the implications of the Corona-crisis on businesses, the economy, and society and will propose a glimpse into the world "after Corona".

Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean at WHU, will start with the topic "How long will the coronavirus lock-down last OR: Should we protect our health care system or our economies?" on Monday, April 6, 2020.

In the following weeks, we will offer several webinars on, among others, the following topics: Leveraging innovation opportunities in times of corona, the implications for Corporate Finance and Investments, and B2B-Sales. The webinars are free of charge.


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