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New Online Course on Transformational Technologies

In October 2022, WHU and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA, will launch a new Executive Education program offered as a fully asynchronous online course on MIT xPRO’s global platform. The new course will teach participants how to navigate game-changing technologies in the 21st century in both their private and professional lives, and how these technologies will change existing business models and customer behavior in their respective industry. In the following interview, Professor Sascha Schmidt, Director of the WHU Center for Sports and Management & Faculty Director of the online course ‘Transformational Technologies: Applied Lessons from Sports’, gives insights on the new course.

Dear Professor Schmidt, why is the sports business industry so exciting?

Sport is far more than pure competition of athletes; it is a global industry that accounts for 1% of global GDP. But even more important, sport – whether played professionally or on an amateur level – creates emotions and engagement like no other industry. Just think about the Olympic Games or the annual NFL Superbowl with more than one billion spectators worldwide! In addition, the sports industry is experiencing rapid growth, mainly driven by new opportunities emerging through groundbreaking technologies and data.

Why can anyone interested in strategy and innovation learn something from this business?

Unlike other industries, the core product of the sports industry is fair competition. However, sports were and always will be a fight between two teams or athletes with distinct capabilities. Especially small teams with less budget therefore need to find innovative ways to improve their performance and gain competitive advantage. In the end, the sports industry is the perfect playground for game-changing innovations which might be applicable to any other industry.

What is special about the upcoming ‘Transformational Technologies – Applied Lessons from Sports’ online program?

In our course, we combine world-class faculty in their respective fields of technology with insights from the sports industry to explain game-changing technologies in a digestible and entertaining way. This is a ‘tech for the non-tech’ course where tech knowledge is not required to attend the course. It is the first course of its kind and the first co-branded MIT xPRO program in this field.

Who should consider participating in the course?

The course is designed for participants with various backgrounds. It targets business professionals looking to better understand artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things (IoT), robotics, and web 3.0. for their own benefit. Examples from the sports industry should inspire participants to identify new opportunities within their own industry.

What are the key benefits for participants of the course?

There are so many emerging technologies out there, that it is hard to stay on top of all recent developments in the field. The course, therefore, aims to enable participants to navigate the technology revolution. Participants will be able to identify industry-specific opportunities and threats associated with technological changes. Finally, we prepare them to identify relevant technology trends and effective responses to stay ahead of their competitors.

Professor Schmidt, thank you for the interview!


Transformational Technologies for Managers

Executive Education at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, with a variety of cooperative open programs already globally recognized by the Financial Times (#15 in the 2022 Ranking), continues to diversify its portfolio. WHU knows that it is more important than ever for any executive to take a 360° view of their field of practice to prepare themselves for the future. A core part of that is paying mind to how an industry can and ultimately does evolve—and understanding the potential strategic changes that new technology may bring. To date, the world of sports has secured itself a connected future and earned the reputation of being an industry well ahead of the curve. On October 3, WHU Executive Education will debut the new Transformational Technologies: Applied Lessons from Sports course running as a part of the MIT xPRO series. This brand-new curriculum uses the sports industry as an example of where the world of business is headed.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA (USA) started offering their xPRO series of courses in 2016, seeking to combine a student’s business acumen with the technical expertise necessary for the future. In line with this approach, this new asynchronous course, developed together with WHU, is the first of its kind to center around the sports industry and how it has adopted new technology—including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Web 3.0. Designed for business professionals across all industries, the program will show how technological breakthroughs could forever change the way business is conducted and enable participants to apply this freshly gained knowledge to their own professional lives.

Professor Sascha L. Schmidt, holder of the Sports and Management Chair at WHU, is spearheading the course and explained, “This is a chance for business professionals to learn more about today’s technology revolution—and how it affects both their private and professional environment.” Upon successfully completing the course, participants will receive an official certification from WHU and MIT xPRO.

Those interested in enrolling in the program can find more information on the official course website.


Business and Leadership Skills for Experienced Physicians

In recent years, there have been substantial shifts in the medical profession, and today’s practicing physicians increasingly need to consider aspects of business, financial planning, and leadership in their daily routines. Typically, such topics are not a part of their medical training, neither while studying nor while interning. As such, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, in conjunction with MLP School of Financial Education, has conceived a specialized Executive Education program for physicians scheduled to start on October 1, 2022.

The Advanced Management Programm für Aerztinnen/Aerzte [Advanced Management Program for Medical Doctors] is a compact, intensive course that combines interactive online trainings and in-class sessions, the latter of which will be hosted first on WHU’s Duesseldorf campus and then later on MLP’s campus in Heidelberg. The program has been tailored to fit a medical professional’s often tight schedule. The modules, which are held exclusively in German, will enhance a participant’s ability to make managerial decisions within the context of the medical profession.

Over the course of two in-person modules, reinforced by a series of shorter online workshops, participants will take a comprehensive view on a wide range of topics that touch upon everything from practical matters (e.g., taxation, finance, and the sale of practice) to more recondite subjects (e.g., leadership skills and coping mechanisms). “WHU and MLP SoFE are confident that these highly specialized experts will benefit from all that is on offer. We want to ensure that we address their specific needs with this new curriculum,” says Executive Education Director Rebecca Winkelmann. “With a mix of face-to-face and online sessions, we offer physicians a distinctly flexible format with the latest insights from health economics and leadership.” Those interested in enrolling in the program should submit their applications through the program website by mid-September at the latest.

WHU is one of Germany’s top business schools, specializing in all topics relevant to finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, and much more. With a series of open enrollment programs already globally recognized by the Financial Times, as well as numerous partnerships with institutions both inside and outside of Europe, Executive Education at WHU continues to expand its course selection. From programs in advanced management skills and specialized coaching to branding and negotiations, WHU’s catalog has been designed with today’s leaders and managers in mind.

Prospective participants can find out more information here.


Generation CEO Young Talent Award presented for the first time

The winner of the first Generation CEO Young Talent Award is Franziska Bednarz from Airbus Operations GmbH. In addition to the award, she will receive a 50% partial scholarship for the part-time Global Online MBA at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management.

The final round of the Generation CEO Young Talent Award was held last week for the first time and in digital format. The four finalists had to prove their professional know-how, personality, and leadership skills in interviews with the jury, consisting of representatives from Generation CEO and WHU.

"It was a really difficult decision for the jury," reports jury member Dr. Rebecca Winkelmann, Director of the WHU Center for Responsible Leadership & Managing Director Executive Education. "We are very pleased to join forces with Generation CEO to present the Talent Award, and thus jointly contribute to the talent development of women."

"One of Generation CEO's goals is to seek out and promote top female talent. We are pleased that with the Generation CEO Young Talent Award, we can support young, talented women in their career path together with WHU," added jury member Diana Schramm, Managing Partner at SARIVA GmbH.

What is the Generation CEO Young Talent Award?

The Generation CEO Young Talent Award is an annual competition for top female talents, which WHU organizes together with the Generation CEO network with the aim of promoting young female talents and giving them visibility as "role models."


Financial Times Executive Education Ranking 2022

Both WHU’s Open and Customized Programs receive excellent placements in the renowned Financial Times Executive Education Ranking for 2022

The market for continued managerial education is one that is highly competitive all across the world. With a wide range of offers and differences in quality, those interested take their cue from the renowned global Financial Times Executive Education Ranking, which also takes participant feedback into consideration. Only a few German business schools active in this field make it onto this list of best universities.

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, which offers executive education programs through its campus in Düsseldorf, has made its first appearance in the overall ranking. In the most current Financial Times Executive Education Rankings for 2022, WHU has placed at #28 worldwide and #2 in Germany. This result is the product of a combination between the sub-rankings of the “Open Programs” and “Custom Programs” categories. Participants in the Open Programs need not be enrolled at the school. Rather, they can freely choose from a selection of different courses and bundle them together. WHU’s Customized Programs are specifically tailored to the needs of an inquiring organization—and it is with their recognition that WHU has been able to enter the combined overall ranking.

It is remarkable that WHU’s Open Programs in executive education now stand at #15 worldwide, jumping ahead twenty-two spots since 2020. When looking at schools in Europe, these programs have moved from #20 to #11.

“We are particularly pleased about our program’s outstanding performance in customer satisfaction,” noted Dr. Rebecca Winkelmann, Director of the Open Programs at WHU Executive Education. “We’re already being considered one of the best around the world when it comes to the design and preparation of these courses, and our faculty has much to celebrate.” Winkelmann attributes this positive development to the high-quality further education formats, the high degree of interactivity, a practical focus, and the special networking possibilities for the participants. She sees the resultant rankings as a clear sign that the program’s management team is on the right track.

The Customized Programs WHU has on offer have already reached #57 worldwide and #3 in Germany with its debut appearance. “The conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic were really not easy,” said Dr. Heike Brost-Steffens, Director of Customized Programs. “Companies are still somewhat reluctant to book high-quality, Customized Programs. We are all the more pleased that our long-standing collaborations are being complemented by new partnerships with other companies seeking to benefit from WHU’s excellent research, pedagogy, and practical focus.”

Professor Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU, also expressed his delight at the news: “Given that executive education is one of WHU’s strategic fields of growth, I am very happy about this positive development. It gives me confidence in the future.”

A detailed look at the results of the Financial Times Executive Education Rankings for 2022 can be viewed here.


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